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Lack of a high-quality GPU may hold Intel back in its AI and VR chase

In 2009, Intel gave up on developing Larrabee, a homegrown discrete GPU, targeted at PC gaming systems. Now, some analysts are questioning whether Intel [...]

AT&T is hoping to collaborate with a set of carriers and equipment vendors that’s so broad and powerful it might be unstoppable

To avoid putting money and effort into technologies that don’t make the cut, the big mobile players want to get others on their side.There are many possible [...]

We have fun in MetaWorld-the virtual world

Someone’s left the chessboard in quite a mess. I pick up a knight and wonder which square it belongs on. “If only you had wanted to play draughts,” I [...]

Drones can’t see the wood for the trees

Drones that can’t see the wood for the trees won’t last long in the forest. A method for getting a swarm of them to maintain formation when they pick their [...]