Something About Wi-Fi Network Security

A consideration on any computer network, security is especially important on Wi-Fi wireless networks. Hackers can easily intercept wireless network traffic [...]

The NSA hacked equipment from Cisco, Huawei, and Juniper

With sensitive NSA documents falling into the hands of hacking group Shadow Brokers, it was only a matter of time before the world gained some further [...]

TalkTalk gets whacked by £400,000 fine after data breach

If there's an example to be made of the need to keep the data of your users safe, it's that of TalkTalk. The UK ISP suffered a cyber attack [...]

US to impose flight ban on Samsung Note 7 smartphones

All Samsung Electronics Note 7 smartphones will be banned from airline flights by the US government, according to a person familiar with the decision [...]

DDoS attack on Dyn DNS causes issues with sites including Github, Twitter, and AirBnB

Dyn DNS, an internet performance management company, is under a DDoS attack from a currently unknown attacker which is causing issues for some high-profile [...]

Your router needs One thing now to keep hackers out

There’s a gadget in your home that you don’t give much thought to until it stops working and you discover you’re lost without it. Then you curse it, [...]

Is the U.S. planning a ‘covert’ cyber strike against Russia?

Following the United States’ formal accusation of Russia for its part in the hack on the Democratic National Convention this summer, new reports now claim [...]

Many companies want to phase out passwords

Don't be surprised if your company decides to do away with password logins. A new survey has found that most organizations are leaning toward phasing out [...]

Yahoo’s claim of ‘state-sponsored’ hackers

Yahoo has blamed its massive data breach on a "state-sponsored actor." But the company isn't saying why it arrived at that conclusion. Nor has it provided any [...]

Yahoo data breach affects at least 500 million users

A massive breach at Yahoo compromised account details from at least 500 million users, and the company is blaming the attack on state-sponsored [...]