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What should you do when you spill a drink in your laptop

I spilt green tea on my laptop keyboard, and now it doesn't seem to want to do anything. I need to get it repaired. Is it something I can do myself? James [...]

The Google now puts Tumblr-style posts from celebs and businesses in search results

Google's social networking endeavors may have stumbled in recent years, but the company has no intention of giving up, with the latest attempt coming in the [...]

The Nexus tablets won’t get Android N’s free-form window mode

One of the most exciting new features coming to Android N won’t be available on Google’s own tablets. Free-form window mode, which lets users run resizable [...]

How to Keep Your Computer Security

Treat Your Personal Information Like Cash Don’t hand it out to just anyone. Your Social Security number, credit card numbers, and bank and utility account [...]