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China’s Meitu Inc is about to test the price of beauty for $7b IPO

China's Meitu Inc is about to test the price of beauty. According to people with direct knowledge of the matter,the developer of selfie apps is in talks [...]

Can You Diagnose Dementia from the mobile app game?

SAN DIEGO—You are guiding a ship through rough waters. On your way you may encounter magical creatures. You might get lost occasionally, but that’s all [...]

App streaming threatens store giants Apple and Google parent Alphabet

Game developer Glu Mobile is working to let users play a future release by streaming it on their devices. No sifting through an app store to find it and no [...]

Samsung hands Apple a $78 billion fiery gift by scrapping Note 7

Samsung has handed Apple (AAPL) a fiery gift already valued at $US58.8 billion ($77.7 billion). Shares of Apple gained for the seventh-straight session [...]

US to impose flight ban on Samsung Note 7 smartphones

All Samsung Electronics Note 7 smartphones will be banned from airline flights by the US government, according to a person familiar with the decision [...]

There’s no fooling around with this little beauty

Does it say more about me or about the Moto Z itself that I prefer to carry it around naked? Have all these years spent reviewing gadgets turned me into [...]

Apple seen to have dropped plans to build its own car

Apple has drastically scaled back its automotive ambitions, leading to hundreds of job cuts and a new direction that, for now, no longer includes building [...]

Apple’s push for better iPhone screens

Pick up a high-end smartphone these days and chances are it will have a crisp, energy-sipping organic LED display - unless it's an iPhone. That will [...]

The US bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airliners

WASHINGTON — The Transportation Department is issuing an emergency order banning passengers and flight crews from bringing Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones [...]

The SwiftKey can now predict what you’re going to type in Spanish And German

Following what appears to be a successful beta test released last month, SwiftKey has rolled out a large upgrade to its app by launching a number of new [...]