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A locking HDMI connection for HDMI

Anyone who has read any of my articles long enough here at Audioholics knows the love-hate relationship I have with HDMI. Mostly hate, since I believe HDMI [...]

Choose the right kind of power protection for a variety of situations

Plugging your audio and video gear into unprotected power outlets is risky. Lightning strikes are the obvious danger. But  smaller power surges, spikes, and [...]

Why Your Cat6/5e Network Cable is Slowing You Down

We were recently perusing facebook and came across an article written and shared by our friends over at Blue Jeans Cable, entitled, “Is Your Cat 6 Cable a [...]

USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Gen 2 are on the latest reversible connector!

USB USB Type-C Plug
What is USB Type-C? How does it fit in with existing versions of USB? USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Gen 2 are explained simply in our in-depth article on the latest [...]

Your next car may be the most powerful computer

Mobile computing originally meant laptops, then smartphones. Increasingly, though, new cars are powerful computing platforms — and starting to pack more [...]

The so-called Universal Stylus Initiative launches

Anyone who’s toted around a recent Microsoft Surface device knows this: Styluses and digital pens tend to disappear. A new Universal Stylus Initiative, [...]

How Netgear’s Orbi plans to eradicate Wi-Fi dead zones

Setting up range extenders is always a headache, and the signal they output is weaker than the Wi-Fi beamed directly from your router.Wi-Fi dead zones suck, [...]

Another 4,600 lines of Linux kernel code

The Linux kernel is improving faster than ever, gaining 7.8 patches per hour and 4,600 lines of new code every day. Entitled “Linux kernel [...]

Intel started shipping silicon photonics modules,use lights and lasers to speed up data transfers

Intel believes the days of using copper wires for data transfers, both between computers and inside of them, are numbered because optical communications are on [...]

Internet 3.0: How we protect our data

AT THE heart of the internet are monsters with voracious appetites. In bunkers and warehouses around the world, vast arrays of computers run the show, serving [...]