AV Cables

How To Choose Audio and Video Cables

So you've just bought a high-definition home theater system. You get it home, plug it in with the included cables, and you're set, right? Not so fast. If [...]

What Are The Difference Between Computer Cable Types You Should Know As A User?

Take a look at any piece of equipment related to computer harder and you’ll soon find yourself in a swirling maelstrom of acronyms and foreign jargon. What [...]

Why you need the power protection

Monster in-wall unit "took a bullet."
Crutchfield photographer J Stoll came home to a big surprise. “I knew something was wrong,” he said. “There was a burning smell, and the ceiling fans [...]

Integrating Sonos systems into your décor and layout of your rooms with Flexson

Wiremold cordmate cord organizer
A Sonos system lets you easily create a whole-house audio system in your home. With Flexson brackets, stands, and skins, you can better integrate those Sonos [...]

How to install wall-mount your flat-panel TV

Choosing a mounting bracket We carry a broad selection of wall-mounting brackets, to fit a wide range of TV screen sizes. Start by reading our TV wall mount [...]

The guide to buy In-wall and ceiling speakers

Ceiling speaker placement
In-ceiling and in-wall speakers provide high-quality sound without cluttering up your decor. Want music in your kitchen without a speaker taking up counter [...]

Some HDMI technologies that offer locking connectors

Anyone who has read any of my articles long enough here at Audioholics knows the love-hate relationship I have with HDMI. Mostly hate, since I believe HDMI [...]

Adding surround sound speakers

Klipsch 7.1 surround sound setup.
Surround sound is terrific. Untidy wires snaking from receiver to surround speakers? Not so much. Here are five tactics for a clean installation, starting with [...]

The Speaker placement for stereo music listening

IN A NUTSHELL Want to get the most of your stereo speakers? Follow these tips for better sound: Place your seat the same distance from your speakers as [...]

Powering the multi-room with music system

2 Zones
A well-planned multi-room audio system keeps music moving through your home. You can power in-ceiling speakers, floor-standing and bookshelf speakers, and [...]